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December 2, 2018

Eviction Mistakes can be Expensive

I'm sure you already know... Evictions in San Diego can be so expensive. Many landlords try to do the paperwork themselves, but realize too far down the line that it isn't as easy as self-help websites and blogs make it seem. The Eviction Court is so meticulous in San Diego, and one box checked incorrectly, something not dated right, or something misspelled can cost you weeks, even months, and in many cases, make you loose your case. What is great about San Diego Eviction Services is that we offer an affordable solution when money is tight. We also offer a flat rate attorney appearance fee if you Eviction case in San Diego is contested. If you fall within an income category, we can also help you start your case with a court fee waiver so you do not have to pay the court filing fees. We offer many low cost solutions to make sure your Eviction case in San Diego is the most cost effective one.

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- Pamela Macias, Owner of San Diego Eviction Company