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​​Our San Diego Eviction Services are 100% in-house which we have total control of every process of your case. Other eviction companies outsource to an Attorney Courier Service to file their documents with the court as well as hire a Process Serving Company to personally serve the Unlawful Detainer paperwork. By outsourcing work, other eviction companies are unable to provide their customers with immediate statuses or eliminate lag time in between completion of certain tasks. San Diego County Evictions prides ourselves in eliminating the outsourcing which also reduces the fees we are able to offer our clients.

We prides ourselves in being the lowest cost service… GUARANTEED!

Other San Diego Eviction Services offer “a la carte” pricing for the “shock and awe effect” in which clients think they are significantly saving money but in reality customers are not realizing that an eviction is an extensive process including the service of multiple defendants, several document preparation and filings after the initial court filing, as well as the law requiring a Registered Process Server to serve All Unknown Occupants. We take the time to explain these steps as any slight mistake in an Unlawful Detainer can result in the Judge throwing the case out and the Plaintiff needing to start over with the proper corrections.

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Who We Are


San Diego County Company provides a variety of Services to Landlords, Property Management Companies, Mobile Home Parks and Real Estate Firms that provide relief in evicting problem tenants and regaining possession back of their property.

Our company provides same day service with no appointment needed. We provide the ultimate convenience to our clients by providing the option of executing the complete process from start to finish via DocuSign, fax and email as the courts allow the filing of signatures obtained via electronic means. This option is convenient for those clients who are out of county, state or country.

We offer the expedited process of preparing eviction paperwork based on a 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit, 30 Day Notice to Vacate, and a 60 Day Notice to Vacate through a LICENSED, REGISTERED & BONDED UNLAWFUL DETAINER ASSISTANT THROUGH THE COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO. All serving of legal documents through San Diego Eviction Company is done by our in-house LICENSED, REGISTERED & BONDED PROCESS SERVER THROUGH THE COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO. We believe our clients are paying good hard earned money therefore we strive to provide the most professional service around done properly 100% of the way.

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Our Goal


​We strive to save our clients money and eliminate the hassle of initially working with a law firm. Many of our clients save anywhere from $700 to $1500 by beginning with our service rather than hiring an attorney as attorneys do not charge flat rates and only offer a certain amount of work then will charge upwards to $350 per hour. Many of our cases go uncontested in which an attorney is not needed at all and our client never enters a courtroom. If the eviction is contested our company is able to offer an attorney that will appear at court for a flat rate of $350 to $450 depending on the location of the court and circumstance of the case. Hiring an attorney for this service is completely optional and clients are able appear before the judge on an In Pro Per basis.

Other eviction companies also offer a flat rate trial attorney but their fees typically range from $650 to $750 per appearance. San Diego County evictions understands the financial burden a non-paying tenant creates and we strive to keep our costs as low as possible in order to pass the savings to our clients.

San Diego Evictions that Exceed the Norm with Quality Standards

Important, Please Read Carefully:

We are not attorneys. We are Licensed Unlawful Detainer Assistants registered and bonded with the County of San Diego in the state of California to prepare Eviction/Unlawful Detainer related legal paperwork. We can only provide self help services lead by your specific direction in order to properly assist you in completing the required legal paperwork correctly. We are unable to appear on your behalf at trial, but we work with some REALLY AWESOME attorneys that can assist you at a flat rate should your matter get contested or if your case requires an attorney from the very beginning. Please call our office for details.